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CITY — 998cc 2 clock instrument pod in front of driver 12”steel wheels
MAYFAIR — 998cc 3 clock instrument pod in front of driver
RITZ — 998cc velvet seats 12”alloy wheels

CHELSEA — designer interior and exterior graphics
PICCADILLY — Are run of Ritz with different colors

PARK LANE — based on City E- built from January 1987.Black paint with chrome bumpers and door handles, Park Lane graphics on boot, rear of door and 5 body stripes from door back. Interior trimmed in beige and black velvet, Grey painted full hubcaps. 4000 built at £4194.00
ADVANTAGE — All diamond white with advantage graphics on front door, boot, originally to be called the Wimbledon. Based on the City E with black bumpers, grille and door handles. Sundym tinted windows Built from May 1987. 4675 built (2500 sold in UK at £4286.00)

JET BLACK and RED HOT — The cars were available in Black or Red with the Red being Post Office Pillar box albeit that the paint required special application. Black velour seats with red piping, black carpets and push button radio. Black grille and chrome door handles. Sundym tinted windows. Plastic full hub caps. 6,000 built with only a few hundred for UK at £4382-00
DESIGNER — Mary Quant edition In black or white, with black and white vertical striped seats. Grey bumpers, door handles, grille and full plastic hub caps. Daisy logo bonnet badge.2000 built from June at £4654.00

RACING — In Green, or FLAME in Red paint, both with white roof, sports steering wheel, rev counter and full plastic silver hub caps. Now all fitted with a brake servo built into the master cylinder All 2,000 built from January 1989 on at £4,795
ROSE and SKY — were painted in white-The ROSE with a pastel pink roof and the SKY with pastel blue roof. Built from January 1989 at £4,695-00- Plastic hub caps and 2 clock instrument pods MINI THIRTY — based on the Mayfair in Cherry red or Black to celebrate 30 years of Mini production. Minilite type wheels with chrome door handles, grille and Bumpers. Black leather seat trim with red piping, red carpet and steering wheel. 998cc, 3 clock instrument pod. 3,000 Built from June 1989 at £5,599-00 John Cooper Garages also run a 30th celebration mini with 998cc engine but tuned to give 64bhp and 0-60 in 13.2 seconds, with Minilite type 8 spoke wheels plus usual stripes and stickers.

RACING GREEN — painted in British Racing Green and white roof FLAME RED, painted in Flame red and white roof
CHECK MATE painted in Black and white roof 998cc. All had 12”alloy 8 spoke Minilite type wheels with 3.44 final drive ratio 2,500 built from February 1990 at £5,455
STUDIO — 2 based on the 2 clock pod 998cc CITY E — they were produced in 3 colors Nordic Blue, Storm grey and black. Studio 2 decal on doors and boot 2,000 Built from June 1990 at £5,375
MINI MINOR — based on the Studio 2 mini intended for Japan until shelved by Rover it was meant to represent the famous original Morris mini 621 AOK.
ROVER MINI COOPER — based on the Mini 30 but with a 1275cc 61bhp engine from the MG Metro and known as the Cooper RSP (Rover special products division) a Limited Edition, which is also known as SE ( special edition) or LE for limited edition on Rover parts lists. Only 1,650 built at £6995 with John Cooper signature on bonnet stripes, glass sun roof, spot lamps, red carpet.
ROVER MINI COOPER — became a full Rover production vehicle in September 1990 with a 1275cc engine and still using the CAM6648 MG Metro sporty camshaft and the first Mini to be fitted with a a catalyst. Windows were plain with no tint. £400 cheaper but less the sun roof, John Cooper signatures and spot lamps it had a black carpet although the parts were offered as accessories. John Cooper garages also offered a special on this called the ROVER COOPER S with twin carbs and modified cylinder head £1571-00 extra. A handling pack was also offered at another £670-00.

NEON — based on the 998cc Mini City available in Nordic Blue with either pink or green Neon decals. Chrome bumpers and door handles, black grille, chevron velour trim, Mayfair full hubcaps. 1500 built from February 1991 at £5.570-00
ROVER MINI COOPER — 1275cc with single point injection from October 1991 63bhp 90mph and cost £7,845-00
ROVER MINI COOPER JOHN COOPER SI — from his namesake gave 77bhp and 100mph for another £1751-00
LAMM CONVERTABLE — built by Autohaus in Germany June 1991-only 75 built with 1.3 engine based on Mayfair priced at £12,250

                MAYFAIR — last of the known 998cc Mayfairs registered
BRITISH OPEN CLASSIC — The first special edition mini with the 1275cc engine. With full length electric folding sun roof and tweed and leather seats. Painted British racing green. 1000 were built from June 1992 at £7195-00
ITALIAN JOB — based on Mini City with 2 clock instruments painted Flame Red Diamond white, British racing Green and Electric Blue with Italian Job Tri color decals. Twin spot lamps HIF38 Carburetor 1750 built from October 1992 at £5.995-00
SPRITE and MAYFAIR — Sprite still had plastic hub caps on steel wheels, Black Wheel arch extensions, 2 clock speedo cluster Mayfair had chrome fittings and 3 clock cluster and chevron fabric interior. A Burr walnut dash appeared in 1993 along with a car alarm and internal Bonnet release.
MINI CABRIOLET — October preview of Rovers own version of a convertible based on the 1993 Mayfair with 1.3 injection engine,% spoke 12″ Revolution wheels which and on sale mid 1993 with 1.081 made, priced at £11,995-00

RIO — based on the Sprite with 2 clocks, no wooden dash of course, only 750 were sold from June 1993. HIF38 carb 1275cc. Painted in black, Caribbean blue and Polynesian blue with Rio decals. black grille and handles, chrome bumpers. Interior trim was black with bright green spiral panels. Priced at £5,495-00
TAHITI 500 — built from October 1993 at £5,795-00 in Tahiti Blue paint with black/blue Interior and new design seats it also had 8 spoke alloy wheels.

                MINI 35 — based on the Sprite to celebrate 35 years of the Mini it was available in Nevada Red, Arizona blue ,and Diamond white. Built June1994 with reputed very low sales. Not even alloy wheels for this car but a chrome grille and handles. Alloy wheels were however an option. Cost £5.695-00 and 1,,000 for UK market
MONTE CARLO — 1.3 injection to celebrate 30th anniversary of Paddy Hopkirks Monte Carlo victory. 2 Spots plus 3 Extra fog lamps with the switch for the fogs on the wooden dash with a time clock. 8 spoke wheels colored in gunmetal Two editions apparently, The January edition and then a July edition to celebrate Paddy Hopkirks return to rallying. A price tag of £7.195-00 in January and £7995 in July.
COOPER GRAND PRIX — created by John Cooper garages with green luxury leather, walnut dashboard and extra 3 gauges. Producing 86bhp only 35 were ever built and 34 were in British racing green and one in Tahiti Blue. Cost £13,495

SIDEWALK — based on the Sprite in Charcoal metallic, Diamond white or Kingfisher blue & non opening rear side windows. All had Blue tartan trim and red seat belts. Steel wheels From May 1995 1000 built at £5,895-00.
COOPER S — an up rated version of the Rover Cooper with John Cooper styled features plus a more powerful engine. Also a unique chassis plate Price £9975.00

EQUINOX — special edition based on sun, moon, and stars theme with half vinyl trim. Only 750 made in either Pearlescent Amaranth, Charcoal grey and Platinum silver. Sundym tinted windows, steel wheels. Launched April Priced at £6195-00
COOPER 35 — to celebrate 35 years of mini Cooper production. Painted in Almond green with a white roof and colored wing mirrors and arches. Green leather interior and special anniversary decals. 4 lamps with the fog lamps switch on the wooden dash beside the time clock and Gunmetal colored wheels as per the Monte Carlo edition Only 200 built this was the last SPI special edition and cost £8195
MPI — multi point injection introduced October 1996 to lower emissions and noise with air bag steering wheel, front mounted radiator, door strengthening bars 2 speed heater motor. 12”pepperpot wheels as standard. Optional Sportspack model for extra £795-00 with 13”x6” wheels and larger wheel arches, strengthened rear subframe, shorter lock steering rack, Koni dampers, four spot/.fog lamps plus 3 extra gauges namely oil temp, battery charge and time clock. Basic car price £8995-00.

COOPER S SPORT — available from 1997 but officially approved in 1999 fitted with a Jack Knight 5 speed gearbox. Sportspack kit. Leather upholstery and electric sun roof. From John Cooper garages at £13,650-00

PAUL SMITH — styled by fashion designer Paul Smith based on std MPI car it had 4 lamps, charcoal colored 8 spoke 12”wheels. All painted in Paul Smith blue Including wheel arches and mirrors. Plague on glove box lid and boot board Citrus green trimming and black leather upholstery, coloured dash board. 24 carrot gold plated bonnet badge. 300 sold in UK and up to 1500 sold overseas At £10,225-00
COOPER SPORTS — Available in Brooklands green or Black with white roof and all Green leather interior. Sportspack arches and 13”x6” wheels has twin coach lines with BMC rosette at the rear. To commemorate Minis winning the British saloon car championship in 1968. Cost £10,525-00

                COOPER S TOURING — from John Cooper Garages 86bhp engine, option of Sportspack and 5 speed gearbox available. The arches and mirrors were color coded with alloy door handles and walnut dash. Cooper chassis plate .special decals and badges. 12”wheels as standard 0-60 in 9.5 seconds this car cost £11,595-00 but options like sportspack and 5 speed were available
COOPER S SPORT 5 — with the 5 denoting it had a 5 Speed Jack Knight gearbox fitted and all were sportspack option. Leather upholstery and electric sun roof were Optional. 86bhp and 5 speed leather gear knob. Price £13,650-00
COOPER S WORKS — from John Cooper with alloy dash and door handles, 90bhp by virtue of modified air filter and fuel pressure regulator. Sportspack and 5 speed gearbox were an option. 250 built costing 12,495 or £2,100 extra for a 5 speed gearbox.
MINI 40 — to celebrate 40 years of mini production it was available in Island blue, Mulberry red or Old English white.250 made for Uk with 132 wheels and color coded sportspack arches. Car color keyed leather seats. New manufacturer (VDO) for the 3 extra gauges with time clock having full numerical face. Alloy dash and door handles. Launched in April. Price 10,995.
JOHN COOPER LE — produced to celebrate 40 years of mini production and 1st Cooper formula 1 world championship Sportspack version in Brooklands green with white roof, red leather interior and a CD player. Alloy dash, Twin spots.300 built at £10,995

CLASSIC COOPER — with standard Cooper spec but with black/silver cloth seats in choice of colors- Solar red, black, British Racing green, Tahiti blue, all with white roof for UK market only, from April 2000 priced at £9,895-00
KNIGHTSBRIDGE — only 4 UK cars known 3 V reg and 1 W reg all in Gold, with beige leather interior all Mini badges with Knightsbridge motif on boot, all Sportspack versions
CLASSIC SEVEN — was the last non Cooper type mini in April 2000 available in Solar red, Old English white or Black with 12” Pepperpot wheels only 2,000 built for UK market at £9.495-00
CLASSIC COOPER SPORT — also for UK market only. Cooper Sportspack with 4 Spot lamps, Available in Classic Cooper colors except anthracite for black and Silver roof option. Nickel and black leather seats. Alloy dash and handles, from April 2000 Price £10,895-00. Gaydon motor museum has last production red car on display which was built on 4th October 2000.
COOPER SPORT 500LE — was the last 500 of the Classic Cooper Sport with an official glove box mounted plaque “Cooper sport 500” plus a rear high level stop lamp the rear screen.
SILVERSTONE — for German market- 13”x6” Revolution 5 spoke wheels Year not known?

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