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Classic Minis Built for Export

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The Minis built for export usually followed closely the specifications of those built for the home market. Minis built for export to the U.S. are a good example with very few differences (turn signal lens color is one difference).

This is usually true for all of the earlier cars like the Mk Is, and since the factory never exported to the U.S. anything but the Mk Is and pre-1968 built Mk IIs, these cars are much like the English home market versions. There are exceptions; for instance, very early on German export cars already had a locking ignition switch on the column.

Exhaust systems sometimes varied depending upon the destination; such as, France, Italy and Switzerland.

A browse through the early factory Mechanical and Body Service Parts lists will turn up dozens of market specific examples for the early cars.  Minis built for export differed more as the Mini moved into the Mk III and Mk IV range. A good example is those Minis built in the UK for the Canadian market. (Minis were not built in Canada.)


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