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Classic Mini Engine Performance
Model Capacity Power Max Street Power Comments
Mini 1959-83 848cc 34 bhp 50 bhp Original Mini motor.
Mini 1968-90 998cc 38 bhp, 55bhp (Cooper) 60 bhp Big improvement over 848cc.
Austin 1100/Mini Clubman/100 Special 1961-1980 1098cc 48 bhp 70 bhp Very torquey. Same bore as 848cc/998cc.
Austin 1300/Mini 1275GT/Allegro/Metro 1968-1990 1275cc 55 bhp 100+ bhp Start here for serious tuning.
Mini Cooper S/Austin 1300GT 1964-1971 1275cc 72+ bhp 100+bhp Easy performance boost without engine mods.
MG Metro 1275cc 72 bhp 100+bhp Easy performance boost without motor mods, widely available in the UK.
MG Metro Turbo 1275cc 93bhp 100+bhp Harder to install, “Mini Turbo” has a certain ring to it. Strong engine with turbo removed.

There are other configurations, such as the 997cc Cooper and the 970cc and 1071cc Cooper S, that are not mentioned as these are too expensive and rare to be used to boost the performance of other Minis.

Some car engine configurations are lumped together such as the 1300GT and Cooper S, despite the engines not being exactly the same.  Differences in camshaft, cylinder heads and carberation account for the differing bhp figures for motors of the same capacity.


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